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Why say no to comfort? Antamatic automation systems let you open and close shutters, slat shutters, interior doors and lift-and-slide doors with a simple gesture, using a button, remote control or app.

Easy, comfortable, safe

Simple automation systems that live with you.

If you want a more comfortable, safe and energy-efficient life, choose Antamatic, a complete range of solutions for home automation of shutters, interior doors and lift-and-slide doors. Perfect for those seeking comfort and ideal for those with difficult-to-reach doors and windows or limited mobility. Antamatic solutions are easy to install both in new buildings and in existing homes, without any masonry work. And, for a smarter life, remember that Antamatic systems can also be integrated with domotics.

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Live Easy

Installation is simple with Antamatic.

We work day after day to develop solutions that are easy to install and use and do not require heavy masonry work. Antamatic is compatible with existing structures, new buildings and wooden houses.

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Live Comfortably

With Antamatic, all it takes is a click.

Tired of leaning out to open the shutters? With Antamatic, you no longer have to make the effort to open windows and lift mosquito nets round the whole house to open the shutters: all it takes is a click.

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Live without worries

Feel safe with Antamatic.

Our automations are irreversible. You will be safe in your home without having to fear forcing from outside. You don't even have to worry about automation maintenance, thanks to the quality of Antamatic products.

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A group of 10 highly integrated companies.

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Our team

We are proud of our team.

A group of 10 highly integrated companies that operate as a single player in the market. We design and produce custom solutions for generators, electronic control systems, AC and DC motors, traction systems and linear movement systems.

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