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Automations for sliding and lift-and-slide windows

Automations for sliding
and lift-and-slide windows

Motorised lift-and-slide doors and windows

Automations for sliding and lift-and-slide windows

Automations for windows and lift-and-slide doors can be perfectly integrated into the building's architecture.

There are many configurations that can be adapted to different architectures and profiles. These systems have to be designed together with the fixture and the frame.

They allow the movement of sliding and lift-and-slide doors and windows, and move doors up to 1000 kg silently and smoothly.

Lift-and-slide fittings are an integral part of modern architecture; large windows are often very heavy, making manual operation difficult and uncomfortable.

With automation, the risk of crushing is decreased, and it can also be used by people with limited mobility.

Antamatic offers completely retractable solutions that respect the diversity and variety of profiles and the different types of installation.

A house full of light

Large windows that move silently, to eliminate the barriers between the building's interior and exterior. For many years Antamatic has been supporting and collaborating with some of the most prestigious companies that produce this type of fixture, with ad hoc solutions fully integrated into the architectural design.

Scorrevole ed Alzante scorrevole - photo by

Each house has its own history and its own particular characteristics.

However, producing electric motors and electronics is not enough: transversal skills are needed to help us support all the professionals that contribute to satisfying the end user, right from the design phase.

Our vocation to customisation lets us tackle new projects every day, or adapt already tested solutions to individual needs.

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