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Automation solutions for windows and doors

Quality and safety for your

Antamatic automation solutions can be installed in new housing or in existing homes. Installation is always extremely discreet, and in many cases does not require expensive masonry work. Before delivery, all components are checked both mechanically and electronically. Antamatic automation kits do not require maintenance and are the result of experience gained over the years.

Antamatic is part of Amer Group and our automations are fully designed and produced in our factories in Italy. Antamatic automation systems for fixtures are compatible with centralised and home automation systems supplied by third parties. The solutions comply with EC directives: if an obstacle is encountered during operation, a safety system stops the automations immediately.

Automations for shutters

Quality and safety for your windows

Antamatic - Vivi senza pensieri
Antamatic qualità e sicurezza

Automations for slat shutters

Quality and safety for your slat shutters

Automations for interiors

Quality and safety for your interiors

Antamatic Interni
Antamatic alzanti

Automations for sliding
and lift-and-slide windows

Quality and safety for your windows

Accessories for Automations

Quality and safety for your installations

Antamatic Accessori