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Amer Group

20 years
by your side.

The heart of a craftsman still beats within us.

Since 1994, Antamatic has been improving people's comfort by producing automations for fixtures. Antamatic is a brand of Sir Srl, a company based in Valdagno (VI, Italy) which specialises in producing electric linear actuators and electric telescopic columns.

We are part of Amer Group, a group of companies strongly oriented towards innovation with a special focus on the customer. Tailored solutions and flexibility are the fundamental values that guide all the Group's companies. Group synergies, reinvestment of profits and continuous improvement processes allow us to offer the market reliable integrated solutions with a strongly innovative nature.

The strategic choices that mark our journey have always led us to invest in the team, both in internal work relationships, and towards customers and suppliers, with whom we share objectives, responsibilities and successes.

Our flexible nature and deep knowledge of the markets we operate in, the experience and skills of all the people who make up our team, allow us to respond quickly to market challenges.

Amer Group

The strategic choices that mark our progress always lead us to invest in the team, not only in our internal workforce, but also in the relationship with our customers and suppliers, to share goals, responsibilities and success.

In an energy market that is undergoing extensive transformations, Amer represents an Energy Network out of 8 great teams, each of them with ist own particular experience, deliberately facing historical changes. Enthusiasm and great determination for shared objectives: sustainability, adequacy and concrete technological progress.


When all started

Everything started with an idea of Mr Francesco Battistella that in 1974, in a small rented warehouse, established Amer starting the production of motors for floorcare machines.

The first real factory

The entrepreneurial intuition, the careful attention for details, our flexibility made us grow fast and it became necessary to build a new factory.

Teamwork with our customers

From the beginning our goal has been to build long lasting relationship with our customers. Listening to their needs we established Italsea for the development of brushless motor control systems.

All in one hand

We want to become a point of reference for the companies that looks for fast answers, high customization and integrated solutions. For these reasons we first acquired Sir in 1993 and then Schumo in 2000, that are specialized in the production of linear actuators and scopic columns. In 1994, we founded a brand of SIR: Antamatic, which produces automations for shutters.

A glocal company

Our Group is increasing its presence internationally and we believe that it is essential to respond promptly to the needs of our Partners. 
Amer Group grew by establishing Amer Electric Motion to guarantee complete support in the US market.

Even more energy

We completed the acquisition of Nuova Saccardo Motori, today NSM, that offers generators and alternators for the production of clean energy.

Closer to our customers

We want to support our customers with a global presence, for this reason we established our distribution centers in India and China.

Clever motion

The increasing focus on employee well-being and ergonomics prompted us to acquire baumeister & schack, a leading manufacturer of linear actuators, telescopic columns and linear guided columns for ergonomic applications.

We drive the e-future

The success of our customers is a priority for us. That is why we continuously invest in new technologies, innovation, human capital and production processes. Every project is a blank page to be written together with our partners: it is with them that we conceive and design tailor-made solutions. Thanks to co-design, in a continuous exchange of knowledge and expertise, we customize to the maximum all the variables of a project: from power to consumption, from application needs to durations, from packaging to logistics, right up to testing of the final application, even on the already integrated product. Everything is adapted to maximise the performance of our customers' products.

Amer group

amer group

We are proud of our team: 10 companies operating on the market in an integrated way, offering complementary solutions. We design and produce custom solutions for generators, electronic control systems, AC and DC motors, traction systems and linear motion systems.

Our 5 R&D departments work side by side, sharing experiences and expertise to provide rapid responses in evolving markets.

We guarantee proximity and customer support thanks also to 3 distribution centre based in North America, India and China.


Amer SpA was founded in 1974, and is specialized in manufacturing AC and DC motorsgearmotors and complete traction systems for battery-powered vehicles and applications.

Strongly customer-oriented, amer has been developing, since the early beginning, tailor-made solutions to his customers, worldwide.

Behind every amer product, every goal, there is the energy and the work of a group of people prepared to face, at their best, the challenges that the market offers.


Established in 1986, with its headquarters in Valdagno (Vicenza, Italy), the Company is now a leader in the development and production of control systems for DC motors and low voltage traction systems.

Italsea flexible structure is not bound by any large-scale rationales. Carefulness to all production phases and investments on R&D allow projects in many market sectors, such as industrial cleaning, medical appliances, nautical field,  energy supply.

Italsea tailor-made solutions match perfectly the ‘100% CUSTOM’ philosophy of the whole Amer Group.


Established in 1963 in Torrebelvicino (Vicenza, Italy) NSM successfully operates since 50 years in the electromechanical field, manufacturing synchronous alternators, welding sets and special rotating electrical machines.

In 2006 NSM joins the Amer Group, sharing its ideals and strategic choices.

The recently introduced line of Permanent Magnet Generators (PMG) has been developed specifically to apply to a variety of new fields: PMG-GS (AC output voltage with single-phase inverter, for generating sets), PMG-DC (DC output voltage, for battery chargers), PMG-LT (for lighting towers), PMG-WG (for wind turbines). 


SIR, established in 1986 in  Valdagno (Vicenza), ITALY, produces  DC and AC linear actuatorstelescopic columns and gearmotors for medical and industrial applications.  


Established in 1984, with headquarters in Steinhausen, CH, Schumo AG manufactures high-end linear actuators and scopics for the medical industry and for high-tech applications.

Daily synergies with our partner company Italsea allow us to provide integrated mechatronic solutions to our international customers, matching their specific needs.  

A strong attention to the details, enthusiasm and determination , supported by a talented R&D team, are the ingredients for a constant and successful evolution of Schumo worldwide.

baumeister & schack

baumeister & schack was founded in 1980 in Balingen. Today, it offers telescopic lifters, linear guide lifters, actuatorsand smart accessories. From ready-to-built-in single components to complete systems, Baumeister& Schackdevelops and manufactures solutions for a wide range of applications in the vehicle, medical, mechanical, engineering and forniture industries.


Antamatic ® is a brand of Sir Srl. It manufactures automated systems for doors, shutters and frames, both in ready-to-use kits and in customized solutions.
The range includes automated systems for all kind of swing shutters, sliding shutters and lift and slide windows.
All the solutions can be perfectly integrated with home domotics and are designed to make life more comfortable.

amer electric motion

Established in 2000, in Burnsville  (MN), USA. Amer Electric Motion distributes products and technology of the Amer Group in North America. 

amer nsm - india

Established in 2014 in Pune area, Amer Nsm India pvt. ltd. is a dedicated structure for the indian Market. 

amer - changhzhou

Amer Changzhou since 2016 is the assembly plant for the chinese market.