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Hinged doors

Automation for
hinged doors

Hinged doors

Shutter systems with hinged doors are the most widespread type in Mediterranean countries.

The range of names we give them, like blinds, full shutters that completely block out the light, or slat shutters with fixed or adjustable slats, only partially let us understand the variety of systems.
A further difference is the position and shape of the hinge, or the material they are made of.

automazione di scuri per ante a battente

Fortunately, 20 years of experience and data collection let us immediately identify the correct solutions in terms of positioning, levers and minimum spaces needed to let automated hinged shutters function for many years, without the need for maintenance.

Built-in installations

in the architrave or the abutment of the window-space guarantee minimum visual impact. They can be perfectly integrated into insulated single units or the house's cladding.

Automazione di scuri ad incasso in spalletta
Scuri motorizzati a battente

Visible or close-behind solutions

are the best compromise when the shutters are already installed in the house, and we're after the convenience of automation without wanting to embark on masonry work. They still maintain extremely compact dimensions and minimal visual impact.

Three product lines, with many variations, cover 100% of automation requirements for shutters with hinged doors.

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